EU strictly limits jewelry lead content

The European Chemicals Agency’s Risk Assessment and Socio-Economic Analysis Committee received a report from France that proposed lead and fumaric acid in specific products such as jewelry, furniture and footwear for production and/or distribution in th

Stepini Men's calm, majestic, atmospheric man

Hangzhou Bussini Garment Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2004 by the United Kingdom Bussini Yang Fu Holdings Limited authorized. Hangzhou step Sinni Garments Co., Ltd. sole agent British classic brand "BUSINE" apparel products in the Chinese market development, production, sales and ma

Haijia Shi women's new listing simple is not simple

Haijia Shi brand apparel, casual fashion and the combination of traditional Chinese classic, with feminine design elements, simple, soft. It shows that the urban women are eager for romance and nostalgia for the unique taste of innocence. The pursuit of simplicity and fashion in the design r