Lead: CocoChanel once said: 'Fashion is changing rapidly, only the style is forever'. In the new year of 2011, do not copycat again, use your unique understanding of fashion to arm yourself and style.

七大潮流元素 武装时尚风格(图1)

Bold leather wind

2011 leather is still the main theme of fashion. Loewe made the best use of two materials: leather and silk twill. This contrasted with a completely different texture. This makes the leather look like a beautiful, silky, bright and beautiful summer, and it also infuses the delightful sensuality of noble and elegant silk.

七大潮流元素 武装时尚风格(图2)

Retro Navy style

Christian Dior's spring-summer collection presents a sexy and retro navy style with blue waves, pink corals, and orange garlands. The entire show is as colorful as the palette. The white navy hat, the windbreaker jacket that transforms the uniform style, and the strong high-waist wide-leg pants, exemplify the modern sea trek. Relatively relaxed and relaxed navy style is adjusted with absolute female single items. Clever use of multiple elements and matching accessories will make 2011 more playful.

七大潮流元素 武装时尚风格(图3)

Stunning large area color blocks

The large-area color mosaic is still the trend element of 2011. Intense color contrasts, dazzling pattern collages, and inadvertent changes of passion and serenity allow us to experience the passion and collision that color brings us. Designers abandoned luxury. The jewellery accessories mix and match various clothing colors to bring out the designer's ability to perfectly manage colors.

七大潮流元素 武装时尚风格(图4)

Wild animal print

Even though digital animal printing has continued to develop for several seasons, it is not new. Stretching from traditional leopard prints to snake prints, zebra prints, and orangutan prints has become a classic trend, and wildlife have undoubtedly stood proudly on the front row of this mighty queue. This year, fashion designers have shown women's gorgeous style with eye-catching colors, and once again proved that the trend of feather skirts will be one of the most popular elements in spring and summer next year.

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