"It's really depressing. I bought 'Heart of Black Heart' on the side of the road. I wouldn't buy quilts on the road again. Those businesses are too deficient." A few days ago, Ms. Liu, who lives in the central business district of the city, entered the city. The hotline is reflected.

According to Ms. Liu’s introduction, she saw a few days ago when she was shopping, she saw a business selling quilts on the roadside, and the quilt was very inexpensive. She was immediately attracted, and then she purchased a bed. “I did not expect to go home and use it. The skin was itchy. It was definitely a problem with the quality of the quilt. It was finally discovered that the quilt was actually “black heart cotton.” Later, I took the quilt to find the business to discuss, and the result was The business has already run away...

Consumers Association experts reminded the public that in the event of a sudden drop in temperature, quilts and other hot sales, the vast majority of consumers in the purchase of cotton quilts, cotton and other fiber products is best to go to large shopping malls to buy, be cautious when buying, do not be coveted for a time The price is low. There are four methods consumers can use to distinguish whether they use black cotton, such as quilts purchased: First, the eye. In general, black-wool cotton does not look purely colored with impurities, even yarn or rags, while high-quality cotton is white and free from excessive dust. The second is nasal smell. High-quality cotton burns without pungent odors, while black-hearted cotton undergoes bleaching when it is processed, has a faint sour taste when smelled, and has a noticeable pungent odor when burned. The third is hand touch. High-quality cotton feels soft and elastic, while black cotton feels rough and inelastic. The fourth is tearing. In general, black heart cotton breaks, but high-quality cotton is not easy to tear.

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What is black heart cotton? What is the danger of black heart cotton?

Black-colored cotton is made from fibrous industrial waste, medical fibrous waste, used clothing and other raw materials that are not in compliance with national standards. Black cotton in the cotton short-term cotton exceeds the standard, easy to penetrate the cotton fabric and floating in the air, absorbed by the body may lead to asthma and other respiratory diseases, people's skin will be exposed to different levels of stimulation, ranging from red spots, feeling itching, It can lead to skin stubborn diseases such as psoriasis and even poisoning.

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