the Carnaby autumn publicity fashion personality

"In fact, becoming a designer is my dream and I am very happy to show my thoughts and my life in this way." - Stefanie Sun! Love challenging self, beyond the self-Yan Zi, always bring new surprises for everyone. As her music, Yanzi the poet of her delicate life attitude, meticulous

Never leave this fall! Hot hot wave loading

This site on October 18th, wave point - a classic and lovable retro elements, it did not lose many loyal fans because of the passage of time, but to absorb more new blood. Wave it can be cute, it can be sexy, only you can not think of, there is no feeling it can not be interpreted. Let'

Tips for stinking shoes

Ben Wang, Oct. 20th, reported that mothballs had a stench besides shoes: Take a harder piece of paper, wrap the mothballs, find a tool to crush it, and evenly sprinkle the mothballs powder in the shoes and place the insole on it. A pair of shoes is only about one mothball. This shoe can be