BurberryProrsum2011 Winter Men's Milan Fall / Winter 2011 Fashion Week BurberryPolsum 2011 Winter Men's Wear BurberryPolsum 2011 autumn and winter men re-interpretation of the British style soft and dynamic side. The opening is simple and colorful plaid coat, loose casual outline already contains irregular neckline, badges and other details, the fourth Look leather trim also for the second half of many Leather & Fur elements foreshadowed. From the fifth Look's red double-breasted coat, the designer Christopher Bailey's sense of color is more forthright: the orange cloak button coat, the bean-green uniform coat ... bright Solid color in turn debut, followed by the patent leather coat and down jacket with the same bright colors to attract the eye, think of the opening rain curtain, this road composed of clothing, "Rainbow" even more distinctive. Although integrated into the wind double-breasted uniform, badges elements, but the arc-shaped shoulder line will still be gentle, comfortable profile continues. Subsequent debut is a low-key brown line, the first half appeared as accessories fur at the moment to become the protagonist, or spliced ​​in the neckline, or knit shirt splicing, or appearance as a whole coat, thick gorgeous texture appears more calm, but also let More changes have taken shape, especially black and white mink fur dubbed the "Dairy Cow" by the newspaper's friends, adding fresh vitality to the dark colors of the second half! The details of the leather trim flashed in the first half are now frequent, with mink or woolen fabric, clothing line clearer. Occasionally appeared in a short jacket blend pilots jacket neat and classic plaid low-key stable, full of warm embossed sweater also adds more intimacy and soft atmosphere. After finishing with pure black and white, Christopher Bailey designed a very unique way of curating: Mattas, dressed in transparent raincoats in heavy rain, seemed to take us from T station to the rainy streets of London.

The eight characteristics
(1) the breathable, antibacterial, activity type functional insoles, antibacterial, breathable, easy to clean;
(2) to protect the toe, prevent slippery, strengthen protect baby toes toe circular arc design, high-pressure thin bottoms grip, prevent slippery, strengthen, improve baby's standing balance;
(3) health - imported non-toxic materials, natural cotton cloth, excluding toxic chemicals, no smell, environmental protection;
(4) to facilitate walking - prevent heel valgus and varus, to develop the baby right walking posture, can reduce the fatigue;
(5) light - the sole physical curve design, assist the baby started the ball;
(6) tube reinforcement in safety, environmental safety, followed by the design, the stability of ankle joint, guarantee the baby not a sprained ankle;
(7) correction, in accordance with Chinese children's foot type, rectify deformation of children's foot type, to ensure a healthy baby foot;
Non-slip, shock absorption (8) - to protect your baby is not easy to fall, 3 d curve shape function supporting arches insoles, buffer baby foot pressure in running, jumping, prevent brain concussion.
(9) soft - has excellent permeability; Use natural rubber outsole, moderate hardness, natural and comfortable, wear-resisting performance is strong. Combined with human body engineering using the functional bending groove design, fit walking gait, effectively protect your feet.

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