The 2010 China International Textile and Garment Trade Development Forum was held in the Canton Fair Complex. Nearly 200 delegates from 11 countries and regions attended. The participants discussed in depth the latest development trends and challenges in the current international textile and clothing trade, and The exchange of experiences and practices in the textile industry in the face of crisis, adjustment of transformation, brand development, increase of added value, increase of high-tech content and other topics.

Huang Yuefeng, head of textiles of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce of the Mainland, believes that in 2010 China's textile exports picked up, which was higher than the same period in 2009, but still lower than the average growth rate during normal times. Overall, the situation of China's textile and garment exports was better than expected at the beginning of the year.

Huang Yuefeng pointed out that the current international market competition is fierce, the phenomenon of trade friction is still serious, the pressure of business operations has increased, resulting in the lack of expansion of domestic exports, China's mainland textile and garment industry regulatory task is still very arduous, we must accelerate the development of foreign trade direction.

Mi Liangsong, senior researcher of Japan's fiber input and output portfolio, said at the forum that products from mainland China accounted for 95% of Japan’s total garment imports. At present, Japan’s textile trade is at its greatest turning point, and mainland China will soon become Japan’s largest trading nation. .

Huang Weiji, secretary-general of the Taiwan Textile Industry Development Association, said that at present, 18 verification methods for functional textiles in Taiwan are the highlights of the development of the textile industry. In the future, it will cooperate with the Chinese mainland market in various ways.

Mr. Che Keyi, the vice chairman and chief executive officer of Esquel Group, said that the Chinese mainland economy can only take the path of sustainable development and can only upgrade through transformation. Transformation and upgrading also require technological innovation. To this end, companies must improve product quality and work efficiency, but also to improve automation processes, improve service levels, and achieve energy-saving emission reductions.

The president of the Fair Labor Association pointed out that the apparel industry in China's apparel industry is particularly urgent in fostering the value-added industry chain. Mainland China is successful in the fashion industry and technology will play a significant role. The future development direction of the textile and clothing industry is to create energy-saving production, and enterprises with rapid production capacity to promote low-carbon life and low-carbon society.

Zhou Ji'an, deputy general manager of China Export Credit Insurance Corporation, pointed out that the financial crisis has affected the production methods of textile and garment companies in the Chinese mainland. At present, mainland Chinese enterprises need to break through overly conservative trading methods, make full use of the national currency and credit tools to expand business, and realize new credit models. China's textile and garment export enterprises should move from the original "low-end products, cash transactions" stage to the "high-end products, credit transactions" stage.

Fu Lixin, the European Federation of Textile and Apparel, proposed that although the international economic situation is uncertain, the economic recovery will allow companies to see hope. He believes that there are five trends in the global textile and apparel development: First, ordinary goods will be transformed into specialty products; second, Internet technology will promote the improvement of service levels in the industry; Third, consumer demand for new products will increase; Fourth, textiles and raw materials Put forward higher requirements; Fifth, the industry focuses on sustainable development and promotes green technology and green economy.

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