Currently on the domestic market, men's underwear in the display of human beauty, far inferior to the women's underwear, too much confinement on the basic requirements of comfort, objectively ignoring the men's desire for beauty and fashion.

ZOD adhering to the comfort of underwear, through the sexy fashion style, close to the international fashion color, "lifted" men's desire for innovative underwear style, through the rich and varied fabrics, styles, crafts and colors , Creatively expanded the underwear's wearing occasions with the expressiveness of fashion, making it truly the first visual impact of displaying male beauty and elevating the connotation of "FEEL FREE" as interpreted by the brand to the underwear culture level and becoming the " Men's inner fashion, "which in turn influences and changes the traditional way of life of men.

ZOD男士内衣 带给你全新的生活方式

ZOD "ZOD" brand underwear focus on advocating freedom, the pursuit of individuality fashion men, in order to demonstrate the charm of men as the design purpose, for busy men in the recovery of the original me; the same time, for the tenderness of urban women show Initially charming temptation to jointly interpret the "sexy beauty" and "ZOD" design style, continuing the cultural connotation of the Greek mythology of the two sexes, while keeping in line with the international dynamic lingerie, the leading fashion elements from Europe, the original add new " Human "element: the material is more skin-friendly, natural and healthy.
ZOD men's underwear is a "ZOD" a major feature of the product, all the use of three-dimensional cutting the world's popular garment, the traditional color system, based on the increased beautiful color, a variety of printing and bright diamond with bold The use of street graffiti patterns, net yarn charm and Other innovative design, the ever-changing fashion elements and designer imaginative fantasy melts them, and pay attention to detail, enjoy the interpretation of "personal romantic"!

ZOD男士内衣 带给你全新的生活方式


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