Ladies leather coat with a handsome attack

Leather feeling is very handsome, men wear leather very texture, and women wear leather, not only wear handsome, but also full of personality, your wardrobe there is no leather style it? If not yet hurry up, leather is the most handsome dress this season, your dress enough personality? -----!

Silk T-shirt introduction

Silk, silkworm silkworm cocoon secretion silkworm coagulation made of continuous long fibers, also known as "natural silk." Like wool, it is one of the first animal fibers to be used by mankind. According to the difference of food, it is divided into silkworm, tussah, cassava silkworm, ca-----!

Adjusting the trend of underwear

1: underwear is the late 80s to early 90s to enter the domestic market, when the consumer groups are 50-60 years, nutrition is generally poor, influenced by Westerners, Chinese women also began the most curvilinear beauty, the need to engage in a thick The sea to set off the buttocks and chest, to-----!