Is the raw material of the strap better?

With the growing industrial packaging industry, there are a wide variety of packaging tapes on the market today, and the raw materials used for different types of packaging tapes are also different. As far as the widely used PP strapping tapes on the market are concerned, it is made-----!

Yunfeng Si Ru's "irregular" women's c…

After fifteen years of precipitation and development, the annual China (Shenzhen) International Branded Apparel Fashion Fair is about to be held on July 9, with a grand opening to present a new fashion feast for everyone. With immediate effect, we will recommend a large number of outstanding exhib-----!

Summer sleeveless dress with a more cool and cool

In July and August, the hottest weather, no trace of the wind, thick air seems to be clinging, so in this season for its pursuit of fashion girls, what to wear more stylish and cool comfort? Sleeveless dress is not to be missed choice, in addition to its stylish look, but more importantly, can als-----!