What are the basic characteristics of natural jade

There are many different jade characteristics similar to jade, so what are the basic characteristics of authentic natural jade?

Compared with treated jade or other jade similar to jade, natural jade has the following identification features:

There is jade: When the jadeite grain is thick, the green is clearly visible to the naked eye. When the grain is fine, the green matter must be visible by means of a 10x magnifying glass. The fine-grained high-grade glass-bottomed jadeite must be magnified 40 times by means of a microscope to observe the greenness.

Natural color: The color of natural jade is distributed along the direction of the texture. The colored part and the five-color part have a natural transition. The color form has a first tail and the color looks like it grows from the inside of its fibrous tissue or granular crystal ( Commonly known as the radix root), calm and not empty. Green is not red under the Charles filter and is grayish green.

Strong gloss: Polished surface has glass luster or sub-glass luster, high refractive index, about 1.66, high-grade jade, such as a glimpse of autumn water, clear and transparent.

High hardness: hardness 6.5-7, higher than all other jade.

The density is relatively large: the density is 3.34 g/clll3, and it is suspended in diiodomethane.

No abnormalities on the surface: Under the gem microscope, the surface of most natural jadeites is “orange peel structure”. When the jadeite crystals or fibers are thick, the surface has some rough or concave plaques, but not The concave surface is smoother, with no netting structure and filling. There are also a few natural jadeites, which are subject to geological stress and weathering, and can produce obvious fissures and reticulated structures. Under the microscope, they are similar to the cracks formed by acid corrosion, but such jadeite has no glue inside. Presence, accurate conclusions can be drawn by means of a Raman spectrometer or an infrared spectrometer.

The sound is crisp: two pieces of jade jade pieces are hit each other, or the jade block hits the measured object. If it is a cargo, it sends out a crisp "steel sound". If it is not a cargo, the sound is dull, however, the sound is only heard. Can only be used for reference, fake craft "superb" b goods, and most of the c goods, in the average person sounds, its sound is almost no difference with natural jade.

No abnormalities in the composition: The main chemical composition can be quickly and accurately determined by using an electron probe: sodium oxide (na20): about 13%; aluminum oxide (a120,): about 24%; silicon dioxide (si02) : about 59%.

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