Autumn 2013 oversized profile will continue to be popular, and more and more inflated, if you want to wear the popularity and not bloated it will be necessary to enhance their skills, mid-skirts and narrow-leg pants are recommended by the editor of the United States to take a single product. The oversized 2013 autumn and winter will continue to be popular, and it will become more and more inflated.

Premium Fabric: Our Waist Support Band is made of 100% latex-free neoprene, which means that they are easy to clean, fit your body, and won't bitumen or irritate your skin.

How To Lose Weight: Neoprene Waist Band helps to raise body temperature, keep body temperature, eliminate toxins, remove excess water weight in sports activities, and burn fat.

Lower Back Support: our Waist Band providing immediate abdominal compression and waist support to help relieve pain and improve posture.

Easy To Use: This waist band is easy to use. Just wrap your belly up and tie the belt, and you can go. Now you can begin to feel the benefits of waist support.

Waist Band

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