Han Chong's unique product style, fashionable and has a professional clothing production line. Every product, from perfect design concept to fine manufacturing process, strives to make every Hancon consumer truly appreciate the fashion trend.

Han Chong, HIMuomo Han Chong popular casual clothes official website, brand was founded in the winter of 1999, set development, production, sales in one of the company. Han Chong has a perfect production force, the production base is located in Guangzhou. Han Chong Apparel has implemented the international chain monopoly market operation, and has franchise stores in most cities in South China. Hanchong Fashion adheres to the consistent South Korean fashion trend style by adding original elements, and is committed to providing social fashion people with simple, elegant and tasteful men's clothing. Han Chong has always advocated the fashion philosophy: "HOLDtheIDEAMODE" - master ideal fashion, personalized style as the keynote.

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Artificial Turf Primary Backing

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