Printing has always been a man in the fashion circle, whether it is the hot summer or the upcoming autumn and winter, the printing are to be underestimated power invasion of major shopping malls! It can goddess, but pure, you can also be stylish, you want to see what style depends on your skill mix it! Xiao Bian today to introduce several of the autumn from the Pleasant Women 's new printing a single product to see how they are with, so that the fall can also flourish!

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In the upcoming autumn, a strong color or printing is the best choice, very elegant and retro style stitching black cuffs, times more modern temperament, black shorts is undoubtedly the best partner, the rose red belt really eye contact Pen, super-good skill with fall fashion still!

印花单品最吸睛 秋装新款搭配变身时髦范

Said that the lotus leaf is a woman's incarnation, vulgar do not know the printing can actually be a woman, so fashionable printing and sweet lotus leaf edge collision, unmasked elegant and romantic. Black bag dress + high heels to show slender legs, catch a black clutch, feminine match for us to bring a fairy tale in the autumn.

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