Use and maintenance of luminaires

Cleaning and maintenance of room lights


1. The environment of the room lighting should be kept clean, dry and free of corrosive odor.

2. Do not scrub the lamp with water or organic solvents.

3. Do not touch with hard objects and scrape the surface of the lamp.

4. When the lamp holder must be opened, first press the copper lock spring of the lamp holder, and then rotate it to rotate it out.

5. The lighting in the room is not suitable for outdoor or bathroom.

6. When moving the lamp or changing the lamp, be sure to turn off the power.


1. When cleaning the lamp body, gently wipe it with a soft dry cotton cloth. The action should be kept from top to bottom. Do not wipe it back and forth.

2. When cleaning the lampshade, please use a clean feather duster to avoid smudging the lampshade or causing deformation.

3. When cleaning the lamp, turn off the lamp and do not rotate the lamp clockwise to avoid the lamp cap being too tightly peeled off.


1. Do not hang items or bake clothes on the lamp.

2. When it is necessary to move the lamps (table lamps, floor lamps), the lamp body should be balanced and shifted.

3. Table lamps and floor lamps should be placed flat and stable.

4. When the lamp cover is tilted during use or cleaning, it should be calibrated to maintain the appearance.

5. When adjusting the lampshade, take care to avoid the reflection of the shadow when the trigeminal bracket in the lamp is lit.

There are five points to note about the correct use of energy-saving lamps in the home.

Energy-saving lamps are energy-saving products that people often use in their homes. How to properly use energy-saving lamps to achieve the best energy-saving effect? ​​The following five points should be noted when using energy-saving lamps correctly:

First, pay attention to the use voltage marked on the lamp. If the low voltage nano lamp is used under high voltage power, the lamp will burn out.

Second, users should use quality qualified brands, be vigilant and refuse to use inferior quality products.

Third, pay attention to the choice and correct use of lamp power. The energy efficiency of energy-saving lamps is generally five times higher than that of incandescent lamps.

Fourth, try to reduce the number of times the lights are switched.

Fifth, after the lamp is used for a period of time, it will become darker and darker. This is to pay attention to replacing the new bulb in time.

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