Leather feeling is very handsome, men wear leather very texture, and women wear leather, not only wear handsome, but also full of personality, your wardrobe there is no leather style it? If not yet hurry up, leather is the most handsome dress this season, your dress enough personality?


Women's leather suits more self-cultivation, this leather jacket to take a lace shirt, self-cultivation leather design, better show the female body, upper body black with handsome, full, lower body can not be matched with jeans Oh, so no feeling And, with a black and white Check nine pants, classic black and white, so that the overall more perfect.

女士皮衣怎么搭配 皮衣搭配帅气来袭

Ladies leather with a handsome attack, you can not stop the charm, leather is mostly black, and black is also very good with clothing, but the black leather does not necessarily have a lot of people look good, this little black leather jacket, with Long vest, white vest with black leather, simple but yet stylish, lower body black silk match, sexy and handsome set in one. (Source: Chu Weiwei women's 2013 autumn new)

Church Candle is used for church, for praying,for memorial. candle lighted by worshiper in church.

Candle originated in the original era of the torch. Primitive man fat or wax like on bark or wood, tied together, made for the lighting of the torch. At about third Century BC the beeswax candles may be seen today. In the west, there is a period of time, the temple in beekeeping to self-made wax, this is mainly because the Catholic church that Mila is a symbol of a virgin conception, so the beeswax as pure light, dedicated to the altar of the church. From the existing literature, beeswax in our country have roughly same time with the west, Japan is in the Nara period (710 to 784 years) in our country was introduced into the candle of, and compared to modern candle, ancient candles have many shortcomings. The Tang Dynasty poet Li Shangyin, "when he cut a total of west window candle" of the poem

Church Candles

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