I remember in high school, many people like Ailian women . Whether it is their own choice or parents, seem to agree that girls are more suitable for this kind of ladylike Yi Lin clothes. After entering the university slowly less. Instead of changing the style, but for the clothing. Now see is the Mu Bian brand women. It combines the Eurasian style, brand new into a new generation of lady wind elements.


This plain color coat reveals fresh art. From the whole to the details are impeccable. Lotus leaf collar and lotus leaf pendulum echo each other, irregular ripples dotted with sleeves, exquisite embroidery around the waist covered with open. Below to catch the same color shorts and black stockings, sweet and yet sexy.

秋冬装棉服搭配 淑女风百搭棉服

This piece of cotton jacket to wear body can be very ladylike, you can also be very small jasper. A bunch of flowers surrounded by the collar not only dress up the whole clothes, but also bring out a beautiful skin color. Clothes on a large area of ​​small rags decorated, a good injection of a pretty sense. Embellishment chest flower, adding more femininity.

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