☆ The lightest weight: the same weight is only 1/3 of the weight of traditional cotton pillows.
☆ The most warm: three-dimensional down (hair) contains a lot of air inside to block cold air. The cold sleeping bag and the down jacket for the mountain are made of down.
☆ Dry: It absorbs the sweat from the body during sleep and quickly discharges it. And can automatically adjust the internal temperature to achieve the effect of warm winter and cool summer.
☆ Does not occupy space: After the down pillow is compressed, it is easy to collect.
☆ Practical: Although the price is slightly more expensive than cotton and chemical fiber pillows, the effect is unmatched by cotton and chemical fiber pillows, especially for patients with poor cervical spine. The service life can generally be more than 20 years. Usually, there is a slight depression. Just use your hands to shoot evenly, and then after 2~3 hours of sun exposure, you can return to the original state.
â—‡ Improve sleep quality, regulate insomnia, and dreams;
â—‡ Improve human microcirculation, increase body immunity and disease resistance;
â—‡ correct sleeping position, promote normal bone growth and prevent cervical spondylosis;
Relieve central nervous system function, play an analgesic, calming, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor effect;
â—‡ adjust blood pressure, lower blood lipids and blood viscosity;
â—‡ Adjusting gastrointestinal function and stopping diarrhea significantly;
Antibacterial, soften blood vessels, activate water molecules in the body;
â—‡ Promote fat metabolism, promote blood circulation, and lose weight;
â—‡ Eliminate fatigue, activate cells, brain and brain, and anti-aging effects;
â—‡ Beauty skin care, slimming slimming, sleep beautiful and good body.
â—‡ Improve your memory and sleep well.

Metal Badge

We are specialized in all kinds of custom Metal Badge, Policeman Badge, Button Badge; the material of Metal Badge could be zinc alloy, copper, brass, aluminum, Tin, paper, iron and plastic. Zinc alloy is our commonly used materials. Our Badges are used for policeman, soldier, for all kinds of exhibition, party, association and so on. In Order to make the goods more beautiful, we could plat some color on the Badge face, like gold/silver/brass/copper/nickel/misty nickel/black nickel/chrome and so on. Printing the logo on it also can be acceptable. It could by silk screen printing or CMYK printing. For the Metal Badge`s attachment should be B/C, magnet, safety Pin.


1)  What we can do for you?

Free stocked samples offered

Free design by out own artist

Free molding charge by 5000 pcs confirmed, keep molding free for two years


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Fast process speed

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Metal Badge

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