Vests in the annual winter fashion trend of a single product, it not only did not quit the trend stage, but also to find more wear law. Into the fall and winter, the practicality of the vest has gradually emerged, more autumn and winter styles of vest a single product allows us to dress while still feeling the slightest warmth. A stylish vest is definitely the best choice for winter, its wild features, concise and capable but not bloated fashion with everyone.


Down jacket vest is not only fashion but also a warm tool, the total wear personality always put it down, this blue down jacket vest thick design either sensory or visual can make people fall in love. Black dress, plush fabric is suitable for autumn and winter wear, with stylish vest with, whether it is out or indoors, can moderate temperature.

个性马甲搭配 女士羽绒马甲告别单调季

Suit fabric vest is indeed rare on the market, this black suit vest novel and unique, three-dimensional shoulder pad design sense of style full. With a gorgeous piece of cool cool pants, showing a thinking, dynamic, tasteful, responsible for the health of independent new white-collar women's image.

Picture credit: Perthman -B-SMAN Women's clothing

Plastic-dotted Tape

Grey Color Plastic-Dotted Tape,Durable Plastic-Dotted Tape,Black Hot Melt Plastic-Dotted Tape,Water Resistant Plastic Dotted Tape