With the National Day just over in October, many areas of clothing stores have also opened one after another, in mid-October Anna Aydin children's wear brand also ushered in their new store opened in Henan Jiaozuo shop grand opening again wish Anna Elden Children's clothing business is booming, but also hope that the new and old customers come, your support is our greatest motivation. Anna Aydin children's clothing Jiaozuo shop in Henan Province, the opening of the store during the activities of none other so many new and old customers have to the store for the children to choose the new autumn and winter, Anna love Deng children's clothing to the Korean version of the main style, so that children can wear the most popular Style, make childhood different. Anna Eden close to the South Korean fashion trend for children aged 1-10 founded specifically for high-end children's clothing brand, fashion lead the children, so that health accompanied by the growth of children, Anna Erden children's clothing color natural soft, lively and diverse styles, mix and match Personalized style, fashion, mothers for children fashion point add material.

CVC Woven Dyed Fabric

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