Like playing cool is not a man's patent, and women can play cool, turned fashion girl, a cool taste of windbreaker, autumn is definitely not too late to prepare, and now there are many styles of windbreaker Slim design, generous style, suitable Women of all ages, regardless of whether you are a mature woman or a stylish woman, can wear a suitable trench coat.


Burgundy is the most sought-after of most women this year, a color, whether it is a small suit, sweaters, windbreaker, as long as there are burgundy are the most explosive models. Burgundy popular many people will not feel through the wine red do not know how to match, in fact, very simple, burgundy coat you can with beige sweaters, leggings, bright high heels so simple.

女士风衣外套搭配 秋冬热推风衣款式

Khaki We generally see the most are all woolen trench coat style, will have this color, but khaki is also very popular with the public, not only its more popular colors, not only will not be so conspicuous as bright colors, but also No dark so boring, this color is suitable for ages and wide, but also with a good match, so there is no opinion in the wardrobe khaki style, and quickly get started. (Source: Xin read women's autumn and winter style)

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