What are the disadvantages of polyester fiber?

Polyester fiber, commonly known as polyester, is a fiber synthesized by the condensation of an organic dibasic acid and a diol. It has strong crease resistance, stability and insulation, and is widely used in apparel fabrics. This fabric can be used by men, women and children.

Everything has two sides. Polyester has many advantages, but it also has some shortcomings. Let's take a look at the shortcomings of polyester fiber.

What are the disadvantages of polyester fiber?

Polyester fiber has poor hygroscopicity

Polyester fiber and pure cotton have different materials, poor hygroscopicity, and some clothes are sultry, and they are easy to bring static electricity and dirt. It is easy to affect the appearance and comfort. However, it is very easy to dry after washing, and the wet strength is hardly reduced, it is not deformed, and it has good washing and wearability.

Polyester fiber has poor resistance to melting

Polyester fabric is the best heat resistance in synthetic fabrics. It has thermoplastic properties and can be made into pleated skirts with long pleats. At the same time, the polyester fabric has poor resistance to melting, and it is easy to form holes in the case of soot or Mars. Therefore, when wearing polyester fabrics, try to avoid contact with cigarette butts and sparks.

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