When people buy crystals, it is easy to confuse crystals with ordinary glass. How do you distinguish crystals from ordinary glass? Here are a few tricks:

A few tricks to distinguish crystal and ordinary glass

1. Listen: With the middle finger, the sound of ordinary glassware is a boring "beep" sound, while the sound of the crystal vessel is more brittle. It is a "dangdang" sound with metal sound. The higher the hardness, the louder the sound. .

2. Gloss: Compared with the sun, the colorful light reflected by the high-quality crystal is bright, and the transition light is very natural and rich. The color of the glass is often incomplete and faint. The transparency is compared under natural light. The high-quality crystal has a high transparency and shows a crystal white, while ordinary glass or impure crystals will be yellow or cyan.

3. Pattern: For crystals of the same color, the higher the degree of hand-finishing of the pattern, the finer and more complicated the pattern is formed on a small area, and the higher the value. Hand touched, the surface of the hand-patterned pattern has a rough feel, while the surface of the mechanism pattern is smooth.

4. Use: Because the crystal hardness is much higher than ordinary glass, it will not be stained for a long time, and the glass is used for a long time, it is easy to have scratches and surface stains. After the resolution is clear, all you have to do is to check carefully whether the whole product is in good condition, whether the appearance is defective or not, and whether the surface is smooth and meticulous.

The maintenance of crystal is extremely simple, as long as it is washed with water or wiped off with a semi-wet cloth after use; for those floating crystals on small crystal ornaments, you only need to braze without wiping off the stain to prevent it. The crystal surface is raised. In addition, due to the high hardness of the crystal, the toughness is small, and it is easily damaged by heavy impact. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid bumping when using it in normal times. Care should also be taken to avoid the use of alkaline, acidic and alcohol-based detergents to avoid corrosion. Vessels such as ashtrays should also minimize the time of heat to avoid oxidative damage.

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