Autumn and winter approaching, down jacket men and women are indispensable. Want to escape a dark patch of color down jacket? Men may wish to try bright colors, such as blue, green, gold. Not only can reduce the bloated autumn and winter, but also make people look younger. However, do not forget the correct color matching method! (Photo: Abercrombie and Fitch 2013 autumn and winter new) Men's down jacket but also from the color to reflect the fashion sense, not to be submerged into the winter in a dark pressure, the gradient of the color will make you look more stylish and more Different, or solid color large block to wear on the body is also a good choice, just a little bit to be careful color purity and accessories with it. (Source: Abercrombie and Fitch 2013 autumn and winter new product) Men choose down jacket If you do not want to appear bloated, when choosing long or short paragraph down jacket, pay attention to choose a tailoring with a self-cultivation effect, to enhance the fashion sense. Black is still thin color, if you do not want to be too boring, you can scarves, hats, bags add some jumping elements.

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