People often say: winter has come, will spring be far behind? Wrapped in thick winter clothes, grasp the trend of the new spring 2014 fashion, looking forward to the arrival of the spring together, presumably many people who love the beauty of the greatest fun in winter.


As a commuter queen, each style tries her best to show her decisive and competent workplace temperament, a touch of pink and blue suits, breaking the dull and monotonous, more youthful charm of the dresses The gas field is emitted from the inside out.

春季女装新品 通勤装与连衣裙如何搭配

No woman can reject the temptation to dress, the Chinese style of the blue printing fabric, very classic charm Jiangnan town, simple crew neck cut, pleated waist design, a slightly fluffy skirt shape, completely According to the female body tailored.

Picture Source: umisky-beautiful world's colorful 2014 spring new products

The ice cream bowl made of crystal glass, it is dishwasher safe. There are many different kinds of designs in our factory for your choice. We also can do any colors according to your request. Welcome to contact us and we would like to provive more details.Such as Glass Ice Cream Cup.

We have thousands of diffrent molds for your selection, we also could  customize glass Ice Cream Bowls according to your design, and we could do diffrent effects including solid color, spraying color, electroplating, ion-plating, logo engraving and printing, liquid luster and hand-drawing.

Ice Cream Bowls

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