In the 21st century, business competition is more than speed and learning. Wang Shi said reading is a living condition. Nowadays, reading books has become the working condition of many outstanding enterprises, and reading books are the best way to cultivate corporate culture. WAflow flower flowers () affiliated company Longzi Industry, it is such a focus on corporate culture and staff training quality of the company.


Langzi Industrial Reading Sharing

On February 28, 2012, Longzi Industry held a "please give me result" reading sharing session. All members from Hangzhou headquarters participated in this book study. At the reading conference, representatives of various departments took the stage to share their experiences on the book "Please Give Me the Result," and the book "Finishing the Tasks ≠ Results," "Deciding the Results of Action," "Locking Responsibility, and Locking Results." From the point of view, the staffs are deeply acquainted with these frequently-occurring but neglected issues in daily work, which have aroused people's profound reflection and combined with their own work, many people have put forward ways to improve their work. However, Mr. Ng Wing Sing, Chairman of Langzi Industry, has a more in-depth understanding of this. He believes that in everyday life and in social relations, "Please give me result" is responsible for others as well as responsible and unique to ourselves Arguments let everyone 醐 醐 empire.

waflow水中花注重员工素质培养 举行读书分享会

Staff came to power to share reading experience

Excellent brand from excellent team, waflow water spent in the country a good market share and brand influence is inseparable from the high-quality team carefully crafted, reading this form has become Langzi company corporate culture construction daily. This is also worth learning from many companies.

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waflow水中花注重员工素质培养 举行读书分享会

Langzi Industrial Chairman Wu Yongxin reviews players

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