Nike official website for Jeremy Lin sale of sports shoes, priced at 130 US dollars. Jeremy Lin, an eye-catching Asian player on the court and a rising star in the NBA arena, whose commercial value is exploding. Business Daily reporter learned recently, as a sponsor, sports brand Nike will be on sale at its official website Jeremy Lin sports shoes, priced at 130 US dollars. Jeremy Lin "boots" sales surge Reporters at Nike Global official website to see this designed for Lin Shuhao Zoom Hyperfuse low to help basketball shoes. The shoes are mainly blue-red, shoelaces red, embroidered with "Lin" upper office is very conspicuous. According to reports, Jeremy Lin will be wearing this shoe appeared on the Orlando NBA All-Star Game held on Friday, while Nike will officially launch this shoe sales in the United States official website. Nike sports brand Nike China PR told reporters that this is the NikeiD series of color shoes î–„ Nike is the custom shoe series, consumers can choose the color on the site. "Nike is currently no plans to mass-market the shoes, but this shoe is only sold in the United States, the domestic will not be introduced." "Even if the country did not sell, I can find foreign friends Shopping." Fans Zhang confidence Told reporters. This reporter learned that not only shoes, Jeremy Lin jerseys and related supplies purchasing has started booming. In Tencent QQ mall, the reporter found that many online stores because Jeremy Lin's hot and opened overseas purchasing business. Purchasing a genuine Jeremy Lin jersey to more than 800 yuan. The owner told reporters that he was through direct mail in New York students to buy, and provide local shops for the purchase of small votes as a voucher. As of last week, sales of Nike shoes in the mall increased by 45%, Jeremy Lin all had been through the "war boots" sales accounted for the top 5 sales charts, while Jeremy Lin in the game most often wear Nike ZOOM series of white basketball shoes, 3 days It achieved 1127 pairs of sales success. Nike strategy brings new business inspiration Wootian Group Chairman Guo Jie in the Commercial Daily reporter said that the design of the Hyperlink Low Hyper Basket basketball shoes for sale in large quantities will give Nike a considerable sales Score. "Nike has always had a great vision in sports marketing strategy and has a set of self-evaluation system for athletes, which gives great inspiration to domestic counterparts in commercial marketing." Of all the sports brands, Nike undoubtedly has taken the lead in this battle . There is news that Nike as the old club has been successfully renewed with Jeremy Lin, and designed specifically for Jeremy Lin signature shoes. In response, Li Si, head of Nike China Marketing, responded that the current Nike United States did not renew the news, because in August 2010 signed a three-year contract with Jeremy Lin, the current contract has not expired. In addition, other companies involved in the competition are not weaker. Peak Sports said that Peak still keep in touch with Jeremy Lin team, never give up chasing Jeremy Lin, as long as he did not renew and Nike, Pick on there is still a chance. According to Forbes magazine estimates, Jeremy Lin's personal market value has soared to about 14 million U.S. dollars. In an interview with the media, a member of Jeremy Lin's Chinese brokerage team said in the interview that he hoped that the brands to be cooperated in the future would be international first-line brands, leading the industry in brand sunshine and health. He also said that Nike is the only brand partner with Jeremy Lin at the moment. There are about two precedents. Both parties have exclusive agreements and can no longer cooperate with other sporting goods brands during the cooperation period. It seems that at this stage, it is difficult for other companies to share the tremendous commercial value brought by Jeremy Lin. "Lin Tornado" swept the world worth double Jeremy Lin was born in 1988, its experience can be described as a typical Hollywood-style "little famous history." After graduating from the famous University of Harvard University, with the signing of the Golden State Warriors officially joined the NBA in 2011, this night often go to teammates rubbing the sofa to sleep "no name" in the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets have not been reused , But in the new owner New York Knicks fame. Then the undefeated seven undefeated, lopsided and other near-mythical performance quickly in the global whirlwind "whirlwind", the major sports brands also smell the Jeremy Lin effect brought business opportunities. Jeremy Lynch 's agent, Montgomery, has said publicly: "Everyone in the world is excited about Jeremy Lin. There are so many businesses now asking for cooperation over the phone, not only in the United States but also in China.

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