City Beauty lingerie brand, is a professional R & D, operating underwear-based modern lingerie brand operations group. Brand to create value, innovation achievements in the future. Outstanding corporate culture, advanced management concepts, flawless quality of the pursuit of excellence , beyond the expectations of service purposes, creating a unique charm of the urban beauty brand! Urban Beauty is toward the formalization, group, international forward, and strive to create a world-class Volkswagen comfort underwear brand.

City Beauty lingerie brand now owns purple sunshine, urban beauty, clothing, language, grass and other well-known brands to meet the diverse needs of different consumers.


City Beauty underwear brand as a brand underwear business enterprises, urban beauty lingerie brand determined to become China's best underwear service providers, adhere to the core concept of good service good character, adhere to make every woman can wear suitable underwear as their own responsibility , To create a woman's sweet boudoir.

Urban beauty lingerie brand is not created for the elite, every positive woman can have her without self-confidence, every woman constantly enrich themselves because she is not confident that the top of the pyramid of wealth, every effort to live out Woman with a beautiful woman, she has more beautiful All want to live a beautiful woman, deserves to have a urban beauty of the city has the beauty of the city, is so comfortable with the urban beauty of the people, all kinds of changes are likely to have urban beauty, sweet, fresh , Sexy, elegant, dignified ...

都市丽人新品内衣 吹来2012年清新甜美风

Women Robe

For our women robe product, they are made of soft and high quality material, with the fashion design and skillful workmanship, they are elegant, comfortable and breathable when wearing. We have a well trained team on product quality control, customer service and delivery process. If you are searching this product, welcome to our shop!

Women Robe

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