Unicorn horse , a magical and beautiful animal in the European legend. In the story of a single wildebeest, good luck can be found by meeting it, and only pure, confident women can come near. DOO JOYUNICORN (Unicorns) coat designer French pastoral style of artistic inspiration combined with exquisite tailoring process, "DOO JOY jacket" from the unique shape and graceful curves that reflect the shape of women, to years of careful attention to the fabric, style Design, the achievements of the popular brand memory point and trust.


Large hair lapel ladies wind jacket, plaid skirts built effort exposed, ladylike enjoy the show.


Rose Point cotton red point, take the yarn short skirts instantly exposed playful taste, lovely everywhere.

Material: 100% Cotton

Supply Type: Make-to-Order

Type: Denim Fabric

Pattern: Plain Dyed

Style: washing

Use: Dress, Garment, Jean, Shirt

Yarn Count: Cotton

Color: Indigo

Usage: Skirt, jeans, dress

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