CH / 2 insects two adhere to the contemporary urban fashion knowledge female class, the pursuit of handsome, independent, capable dress style. The design seeks to strike a balance between modern multi-dimensional living space and independent self-expression, emphasizing functional materialism, emphasizing the relationship and communication between clothes and people, and emphasizing the creation of an image rather than a product.


Stitching color wool coat, add color to your winter, no longer dull!

冬季不要暗沉 CH/2虫二女装玩味绿色点亮街头

Green pullovers can be set within the shirt, capable handsome, winter set of a coat, down jacket is a good choice too!

Joining requirements:
1, franchisees must first be the experience of franchisees; have more than three years experience in operating brand clothing, brand awareness has a long-term vision of development, have a certain business planning and entrepreneurial spirit, perseverance and skills to solve the problem; understanding Business, can live in harmony with the surrounding environment, and have a good faith experience; reputation and goodwill.
2, agree with the brand concept, corporate culture, management mode, abide by the company brand management rules and policies
3, funds: margin + the first batch of gold + decoration costs
4, site selection: a local shopping district of 60 square meters or more, a class of local shopping malls more than 50 square meters.
5, decoration: stores or counters by the company unified design requirements for decoration, shop props produced by the company unified distribution.

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