Raw material market rebounded Nylon products were lower The raw material market rebounded, the downstream demand was flat, the caprolactam market was weak, the downstream polymerization load decreased, and the slicing market was weak.

Nylon regular spinning chip market prices lower, the current market price of nylon conventional spinning chips in the 19200-19700 yuan / ton of cash, low prices in the 18900-19000 yuan / ton, started in 6-7 into, shipping is not.

The market price of nylon high-speed spinning chips was lower, and the market price of nylon high-speed spinning chips in Shandong and Jiangsu Province was in the cash level of 19,900-20,200 yuan/ton, and the market was not buying enough gas.

The price of nylon filament in Nantong market went down, and the semi-dull market price of nylon filament 94D/24F dropped to 22,800 yuan/ton. Manufacturers indicated that the inventory pressure was not high.

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