Recently, the romantic season of Chongqing brand promotion will be the perfect ending. The investment union site contract to join more than 20 , there are still more than 50 reached the intention to join. The company leaders said that as always, do a good job of franchisees to build work, to join a successful one, do not live up to the franchisee's high degree of trust in the company.


Of course, the culmination of the scene is the company leaders in the investment promotion business policies, whether it is from the company's risk-free investment, high support for shop mode and follow-up management and management assistance, sales rebate policy reflects the company's strong Strength and improve the market management system, so that participants passionate.

In the investment scene, the "romantic season" brand live up to expectations, gorgeous models catwalk show the latest trend of underwear wave, each product reflects the brand's design and exquisite workmanship.

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