[China Glass Network] Friends who are engaged in sales activities, who have you not experienced the hard way of recycling money? If you have encountered it, it is necessary to look at this "loss", perhaps this will be a reference for your future work.

The author is in charge of sales work in a feed enterprise. He once encountered the problem of “goods receipt” or “delivery collection” but could not smoothly recover the purchase price. I believe that such things are encountered in sales activities in many industries. Here, I only introduce one of the solutions to the problems in the feed sales activities, such as delivery collections (loss measures). First of all, I have to affirm that this is a "loss".


On a certain day, the customer requested 20 tons of purchase, valued at 37,000 yuan. Say, cash on delivery, transportation costs are paid by the dealer himself, and the transportation vehicle is contacted by the company salesperson. The customer owns a professional feed sales store and raises 80 acres of fish.

The transport vehicle that the salesman contacted was an anti-air return vehicle with a very low price. The reason is that the dealer only gave the low transportation cost of the anti-air vehicle. The anti-air return car can't guarantee to arrive on time (anyone who knows the feed knows and is used to it), and later arrived 6 hours later. In the meantime, the dealer not only rushed, but also told the goods at the time he agreed to not receive the goods if they could not arrive. However, at this time, the goods have been issued, and transportation costs, loading and unloading costs, etc. have occurred. The goods shipped cannot be returned because the cost of returning is greater. The salesman is still daring to deliver the goods to the dealer store.

The problem came out, the dealer proposed damages (including lost time and transportation costs), otherwise the payment will not be paid.

Case analysis:

There are many solutions to this problem, such as paying compensation or compromise to deal with each half, or not at all. However, the company advocates no compensation for the loss, because the punctuality rate of the returning car itself is very low, and everyone in this area is used to it; in the same kind of things, there has never been a dealer’s claim for compensation; It will not become a bottomless pit, the more it will be lost, the more endless it will be; the dealer’s request for such a request has the intention to terminate the cooperation, and it is obvious.


1, Xiaozhi reason, move to emotions; according to actual analysis, clear right and wrong. Let the dealers understand that the reason for the late arrival is not the company itself, but the anti-empty car itself is not guaranteed. Strive for the understanding of the dealer. The dealer can't be indifferent, and he is doing what he wants.

2, knocking on the mountain to shock the tiger, Xiao to benefit - damage tricks.

step one

Our salesman did not mention the payment in the case of doing all the work in front, but cleverly and the dealer found a common topic: breeding risk and feed management risk. Obtained full recognition from the dealer - high risk.

Step two

Risk analysis, the natural and market risks of the aquaculture industry itself; and moral hazard that has not received widespread attention. The former, who knows, is more about analyzing the current and future conditions (the purpose is to elicit the moral hazard of the latter).

Step three

Cleverly quote the story to illustrate the moral hazard of the breeding industry that is not being watched. Inadvertently tell the dealer to say: Do you know? Not long ago, a large farmer in a certain place died because of the hard-earned money of the wage earners, and a few pond fish died one night after the workers’ resignation. After the relevant departments tested, they were killed by deliberate poisoning. The fish incident, so far, has not caught the criminal suspects - wage earners who have been deducted from work.

In particular, the barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes. Boss, you are the one who wears shoes. We are the barefooted wage earners. Obediently, pay for the soup. They are not stupid, and they can understand the truth of the "dog jumps on the wall." Because the money company has already said that it will not pay, if the dealer insists on it, it is difficult to ensure that the dog is anxious and does not bite. Besides, the dealer itself does not want to pay for the goods. He only looks at whether it can take some small expenses and not to pay for transportation.

Step four

Representing helplessness and being a good person. I have already reported this matter with the company, and the company has a clear attitude: no compensation! It is the problem of this anti-empty car, which is not the problem of the company and myself. I hope to understand again. It is clearly stated that if the dealer does not pay the transportation fee or does not give the full amount of the payment, the difference must be deducted from my income, and we are only a wage earner. Get the understanding of the dealer.

3, the risk is saved, and the full amount is successfully completed.

to sum up

In the case of the dealers who have experienced the principle of “learning reason and moving emotions”, it is unreasonable to understand the claim for compensation. The reason for not paying the goods is to ease the atmosphere; to raise the risk of breeding and feed. The risks of the operation itself can quickly reach a consensus and close the relationship; the story is told that the moral hazard does exist, and the warning purpose of “knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger” is reached. At the same time, telling him that the request for compensation is excessive, is an ethical thing. Representing helplessness is to gain understanding and not to grieve.

Special Note

This is a “damage move” and should not be used unless it is absolutely necessary.

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