Li Denya garment itself interpretation of the natural beauty, dedication of elegance. Po blue is not only brilliant, but also mysterious and elegant. In this autumn and winter, whether it is dresses, coats, jackets, vest suit, handsome, neat, simple, intellectual ..... like to start a!


This navy blue package hip dress seems to be the continuation of the British wind. Line sense of the design is very prominent waist, charming very waistline temptation. Chest left and right sides of the lattice and the sleeves of each echo, this embellishment makes people more passionate. The following wear high-heeled boots, the goddess version of the figure.

宝蓝色内搭、外套 流行色彩正当时

When the royal blue hit the classic black, mysterious and sexy atmosphere oncoming. This dark blue skirt, with the perfect match ah. Inside the black skinny skinny shape, outside the blue jacket double skirts, elegant and playful not fat. If you catch a pendant, more feminine.

Patio Furniture Cover

Patio furniture cover protects your garden furniture from all the elements all year round, whether it be rain, snow, frost, UV rays, dust, dirt or bird dropping etc. It is made from coated polyester fabric.

  •  Water resistant
  •   Dust resistant
  •  Sunshade protect
  •  Long lasting
  •  Wind protection
  •  Ageing resistant

You can choose any color and any size, the general weight is 350GSM.

Garden Furniture Cover

Patio Furniture Cover

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