The provincial pavilion has a five-thousand-year-old jade exhibition, and the provincial art museum has a new generation of young artists exhibition in Lingnan. Compared with the “orthodox” of the provincial pavilion, the Guangzhou Library gathers Japanese crafts, and the Guangzhou Yibo Academy displays Mexican smashed oil paintings. Apparently “imported” style, these exhibitions were all rushed before the May 1st, “Qi brushing”. This May Day, the rainstorm hits Yangcheng, and the quiet indoor exhibition resists the bad weather.

The 38.8-cm long jade for sacrifice, the jade of the perfect craft of "Han Ba ​​Knife", the jade cup of the nobles drinking Dan, the dragon of the long wings... Yesterday morning, "琅玕蕴德-拾贝The Zhalai Jade Boutique Exhibition was opened in the Guangdong Provincial Museum. More than 480 pieces of jade articles smashed the history of the complete jade development of the Chinese 5,000-year-old jade. It is a rare jade exhibition in Yangcheng, South Guangdong.

More than 480 jade treasures string the history of Chinese jade

More than 480 pieces of jade articles were selected by the Provincial Bo Industry Development Foundation from the collection of Zhaibei Zhai, and they were divided into five parts: “The Spirit of Heaven and Earth, the Things of the Earth, the Thousands of Chinese, the Ghosts of the Ghosts, and the Glory of Vientiane”. Liu Yunhui, director of the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Appraisal Committee, said that the jade era of this exhibition has been in the late Neolithic period from 5,000 years ago to the modern times. It can basically be self-contained. In addition, the material is diverse, except for the tremolite. In addition to jade, agate, crystal, turquoise, imitation jade glass, enamel, coal, amber, etc. also occupy a certain amount.

In addition to watching the new exhibition, the provincial permanent exhibition was open during the May 1 period. The newly launched "The Third Polar Life of the Earth - Everest National Nature Reserve Wildlife Exhibition" is a three-year scientific and educational achievement of the South China Endangered Animal Research Institute. More than 300 photos and more than 100 specimens have been reproduced. There are many animal species in the reserve, and many species are new species found. It can be used as a "Jewel Animal Encyclopedia" for children and children. It is also worth a look.

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