Waves, popular in the 1960s. Japanese artist Kusama Yayoi Kusama as her absolute loyal supporter, she breaks the inherent form of dots, between the deliberate creation of continuity between things, to create a space for unlimited extension. Fashion, interpretation of the time of the cycle, with a rich retro breathtaking points in the spring and summer 2014 become the most fashionable elements of fashion popular.

Waves resurgence, the retro wind soared again to make the wave of a single wave of fashion items in the list, whether it is a small wave point or a sparse wave point, can be influx of people Fun freely, then, would like to be the first time The most in the trend to wear on the streets, the following we are from my brand Danny slave women Xiaobian how to show a single product with the wave - DAMBOLO retro polka dot long skirt.

丹比奴复古波点新款女装 夏日搭配精选

With Tips: Wave Point half-length dress + white round neck top + black fringed fold bag + black high heels

Danby slave ladies this spring and summer portrait release wave point of the new vintage advocate, in the black and white elements, showing the product unique lively temperament. Black and white waves point both classical and playful. DAMBOLO retro polka dot half-length dress, the simplest is to direct a white DAMBOLO round neck shirt, are chiffon fabric splicing lace design, absolutely not wrong. High-heeled shoes and fringed pleated bags echo color, the whole style is very trendy, to create a tall temperament, wear a high degree of attraction on the street, Danby Subnad point set with a very worthwhile start.

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