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May 23-24

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Life, that is, color.
Dyeing spread from the millennium, "Tang six Code" There is a saying:
"Where the dye is mostly made of vegetation, with mosaic, with stems, with root bark, out of earth, mining in the time of month."

Inside the plant contains the color of heaven and earth, rich, simple and has energy.

Plant color

Ancient primary colors blue, red, yellow, white, black, known as the "five colors", and these five colors are derived from nature.

Cyan blue can be obtained from the bluegrass, there are many kinds of indigo bluegrass, the ancient is the first use of blue, and later gradually found indigo blue, horse blue, blue, amaranth and many other indigo blue.

Red week began with madder, with alum as a mordant dye red.

Yellow early use of gardenia fruit extract yellow, yellow since the Sui Dynasty became the emperor's clothing color, ordinary people can not wear.

Black ancient black plants are mainly oak, acacia, gall, persimmon leaves, holly leaves, chestnut shell, lotus seed shell, rat tail leaves, black leaf and so on.

CICLE Wo to inherit the millennium of the ancient law dye dyed fabric, harvest elegant natural color.

In the rapid development of the present, the time-consuming and man-made plant dye, it is even more precious and unique.

To express the value of ICICLE Wo: comfort, environmental protection, commuting.

ICICLE hopes to draw on the wisdom of the ancients during the slow process of dyeing, using a series of plant dyed garments as a medium.

While making up for the fault of traditional techniques, it has also found that the relationship between people and nature has been restored since ancient times, calling for people to return to nature and realize the selflessness and greatness of creation.

【ICICLE|之禾】女装开业迎好礼 相信柔软才更强!

Based on the ancient oriental philosophy of "harmony between man and nature"

ICICLE Wo selected from nature's high-quality raw materials,

And to be environmentally responsible manner to be rebuilt,

Abandon excess design, show the natural beauty.

Designed to be dedicated to the workers,

Provides a comfortable, natural commuter experience.

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