Do you also like a person sitting in a coffee shop, quiet afternoon taste of coffee. Looking past the windows of the past people, hand in hand, shoulders and shoulders, talking and laughing, playing with each other; young face, beautiful color ... ... retreated the impetuous years, omitted the complicated decoration, the rest of the exquisite Embellishment details. Intellectual and elegant you, has a unique temperament and Jiaohao face, but also has a superb taste. Thick summer, with a dress, quietly waiting for the arrival of summer!


Guerlain poetry summer 2013 new product

Exquisitely cut the simple dress, with a very influential shape, soft line design, skirts unique folding design, rich visual effects, beautify the chest and lower abdomen, but also highlights the small waist, filling mellow and unobtrusive, The perfect modification of the body curve. Coupled with the belt, and more to enhance the fashion, so that there is no difference between your workplace life elegant taste, in the work of naturally reveal the gentle and steady style.

娇兰诗蔓女装 简约连衣裙塑造优雅气质

Guerlain poetry summer 2013 new product

Tender green dress cool breath, round collar silhouette highlights the clavicle and increase the sexy temperament. T-shirt shirt shirt with a more personal, body lines more perfect, drape drape drape plus ample amount of hem, strong plasticity has a distinctive visual beauty and the ultimate was thin effect, elongated The leg line.

Half finger Nylon Gloves for musicians who need extra finger movement

material: nylon and cotton

Material 1: 100% nylon, weight: 70D, 100D, 150D
Material 2: 100% cotton, weight: 140gsm, 150gsm, 180gsm, 200gsm
Cuff:  double line
Lining: Unlined ( can also be with lining as request )
Color: White and Blacl
Size: one size fit all
Wristed long wrist and short wrist

Reinforced sewing at all points for strength and to prevent fraying

With long wrist and short wrist


Color: white and black

one size fit all

Half Finger Gloves

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