This is a feverish era, where fashion designers have devoted all their enthusiasm to how cotton and linen have become even more amazing. Dins's women's clothing shows you the unique taste of cotton and linen.

Elegant and fashionable is the eternal theme of women's backgrounds, and the unique combination of women's backgrounds creates thousands of fashionable charms. The background is drunk in elegance, bows in tenderness, looks up in nobleness, pervades in personality... Perhaps everything is derived from the original sin of women's beauty. The background is no longer unique in the interpretation of beauty from different perspectives. The fashion performers, more importantly, are integrated into their lives. Through the beauty of women, they exhibit diversified themes. Dins background women's joined agents: http:// background color women's advice hotline manager Li

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Women's Cashmere Sweater uses cashmere as raw materials, which is suede, soft feeling warmth retention property good, and has a strong  hygroscopicity natural luster downy, wearing comfortable, elegant and showily, unique style, feels showily elegance, double charm, and it can enjoy a warm and elegant demeanor, which is ideal product to pursuit of high-grade and perfect  clothing for women.

Our company's women cashmere sweater is fashionable with rich colors, fashionable. Women's sweater has upper collar, double lapel, big V collar, square collar, round collar and collar. Deformed big V is fashionable implicative, more beautiful. Because of the physical properties of cashmere sweater, cashmere sweaters are easy to piling and static.

Please note that the inside bag should not be loaded with hard objects, and don't insert pens, etc., so as to avoid local friction. And Wear time not too long, ten days then make it bounce back to avoid fiber fatigue. Cashmere sweaters are usually dry-cleaned and hand-washed; put special lotion in 35 ℃ water  and then put soaked cashmere sweater in it and soak 15-30 minutes, in key smudgy place and neckline cuffs can use a high concentration of detergent, washing methods take knead crowded, the rest parts knead gently. Jacquard or multicolored cashmere sweaters should not be soaked, and different colored cashmere sweaters should not be washed together to avoid color.

Women`s Cashmere Sweater

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