Three years of business by product, five years by business owners, ten years by business management, business culture by century. "2013 is the tenth anniversary of the girl brand next door , this year is the year of business management to enhance the company not only to business model innovation, but also to carry out management innovation, at the same time, in order to become an early realization The dream of a hundred years of enterprises, we are also deeply aware of the importance of corporate culture. "The next girl's fashion brand leader said to reporters.


Girls next door Quanzhou company

In fact, once a company grows and develops, management of the business by power and system sometimes can not help. At this moment, there is a powerful force needed to help manage the business and guide and constrain employee behavior. This force should be without power coercion, without majestic deterrent, no material lure, it can communicate with the staff and guide the soul, so that employees can consciously constrain their behavior, this magical power is the corporate culture.

Next door culture, the driving force of change

Next door culture is the driving force behind the company's sustainable development. Neighbors girl brand manager said that enterprises not only have advanced business models and business processes, but also need to have their own characteristics of the corporate culture, easy to homogeneity business model, and corporate culture is personalized, can not be copied. Business as a person, a long road to growth and development, support a business moving forward, must be the belief behind the business, neighbors "ambitious, united and hard work, innovative and enterprising, truth-seeking and steady," the spirit is the business from business At the beginning has been adhering to the important corporate culture assets.

Mature corporate culture should have non-replicable, non-imitable qualities. It is by no means copied from ready-made cultural patterns, it must be an original, an accumulation, a progressive. "Next decade, the corporate culture of the girl next door is inseparable from the personal charisma of its founder, Liao Wenwei. The spirit of diligence and diligence of the Minnan people and diligence and diligence of the family are deeply rooted in the corporate culture of the neighboring girl.

邻家女孩企业文化  推动企业创变发展

Neighborhood girl corporate culture hall

To commemorate and inherit the heritage of the neighboring girls built the corporate culture of the past decade, the neighboring girl enterprise culture hall came into being, the museum was officially opened in early 2013, the museum has the history hall, business hall, cultural hall, brand hall and the future Hall, etc., many aspects of the overall picture of the development of enterprises. The cultural pavilion with the theme of "Sailing the Ocean and Pursuing Dreams" is designed with the boat as the type and the water as the road, symbolizing the sailing and sail to the dream. It reminds all the neighbors to never stop moving forward.

Sport Medals
Sport medals are always used as awards for a specific sport, like running, marathon, weightlifting, cycling, etc. 
We are a 12 years' manufacturer of sport medals, and can help you creat the medal you want professionally. 

Item Name: sport medal

Material Options: Zinc Alloy (mostly used), Copper, Silver, Gold.
Size: Customized.
Accessory: ribbon (lanyard)

1) Firstly, you give us an existing sample, or send us the artwork in vector formats, like .ai / .cdr / .eps
2) We do Molding / Tooling, accoring to your artwork
3) We do Die casting / Die Struck
4) We do Polishing
5) We do Plating colors, according to your artwork
6) We do Filling colors
7) We do Surface Protection: exposy or not

8) We do Packing.

9) We do Shipping to you, or to your customer.

Packing options: poly bag, bubble bag, velvet bag, wood box, or other customized methods.

Production time: 5 to 7 days for samples; 5 to 10 days for mass production.

Price: us$0.7 to us$4.0 each piece, depending on your design, quantity and requirements.

Payment Terms: Western Union, Bank Wire, PayPal.

Shipping methods: airfreight, seafreight, DHL / FedEX / UPS / TNT / Aramex door to door service.

Sport Medals

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