For well-known large international companies, they are often very good at using their strong brand appeal and market advantages in their own industries, and with other industry leaders to "strong" brand, with a view to a greater market depth and breadth On the expansion, to strengthen their own brand image. The China International Knitting Expo is to meet the needs of enterprises and build a platform for mutual communication, allowing companies to learn more about market conditions, make correct judgments, and achieve more trade cooperation. Before the 6th "China International Knitting Expo" exhibition, Yuan Wei, secretary general of the Shanghai Garment Association, introduced the preparation of the Shanghai Knitting Company in the early stage of the Pinbo Fair.

Q: Please briefly explain the current development status of the Shanghai knitting industry.

Yuan Wei: In the knitwear market in Shanghai, he currently produces knitted garments, underwear, sportswear, T-shirts, skirts, pajamas, socks, gloves and various decorations using pure cotton, chemical fiber, silk and various blends as raw materials. Supplies. With the continuous introduction of advanced overseas technology, the fierce competition is obvious to all. The key issue is that companies need to understand the market dynamics and come up with measures to respond positively. Today, Shanghai knitting companies attach great importance to the introduction of professionals and the expansion of the previous single product category, and vigorously develop all kinds of knitted products, including home wear, underwear, vests, swimwear and so on.

In 2012, the increase in raw material prices, labor, and other costs directly affected the profitability of all companies. The market competition mechanism for survival of the fittest made the market share of knitted garments of all categories further concentrated on the dominant brands. This required companies to grasp the pulse of the market and targeted them. Increased marketing efforts, enhanced product variety, high quality, multi-series, and cost-effectiveness are recognized by more consumers.

In the future, with the increase of domestic residents' income level and the acceleration of urbanization, it will bring new opportunities and challenges for the Shanghai knitting industry. Shanghai Knitting Enterprises will also create a knitting industry model suitable for the company while realizing industrial upgrading and optimization.

Q: The 2012 Knitting Expo is already the sixth year this year. What is the purpose of the Shanghai Garment Association's participation in this exhibition together with the downstream companies?

Yuan Wei: In the crucial year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, Shanghai knitting companies also followed the trend of the industry and carried out optimization and adjustment of their own industrial chain. The rapid increase in labor costs and raw material costs is the biggest problem facing companies today. In order to control costs well, it is necessary to attract outstanding talents and integrate the company's industrial chain so as to be more optimized and more efficient. The knitting expo meets this demand of the enterprise and builds a platform for mutual communication so that the enterprise can more quickly understand more market conditions, make correct judgments, and achieve more trade contacts.

Maximizing the use of live industrial capital is an important part of sustainable corporate development. Maintaining good communication with suppliers and distributors is a top priority for companies. Therefore, the 2012 pinpoints, brand gatherings, and buyers’ professional concentration are the main objectives of the Shanghai Apparel Industry Association together with the participation of member companies. .

Q: What are the characteristics and highlights of the Shanghai Knitwear brand that the Shanghai Garment Association has brought to this exhibition?

Yuan Wei: Heng Yuanxiang, Antarctic, Dr. Frog, Phi Phi, Jialin Jie, Odiefen, San*, An Lifang, etc. These companies all share a common feature. They all actively promote the brand image and continuously increase the popularity and reputation. Important work for business development.

Q: What are the highlights of the Shanghai Fashion Zone in terms of live exhibitions? Is there a concept and theme of display?

Yuan Wei: The display concept of Shanghai Fashion is simple, flexible, integrated, and innovative. Today's exhibition area display is not only to meet the needs of display, but also should not be extravagance and waste. Instead, we will start from the concept of how to better reflect the design concepts of the products exhibited by the company and show the corporate culture to professional audiences. Therefore, Shanghai Fashion will position the exhibition area in a simple, stylish, and transparent display concept, which will create a best platform for product display and image for the company.

Q: What are the positive effects of participation in PinQiu on promoting the development of the Shanghai knitting industry?

Yuan Wei: With the continuous improvement of the level of the Expo, it has also played a more and more obvious role in promoting the development of the Shanghai knitting industry. First of all, the platform of the Pinbo Fair was held in Shanghai. It was able to gather industry colleagues at home and abroad to come to Shanghai to discuss the current development trend and hot issues of the knitting industry. This is very helpful to the development of the Shanghai knitting industry. Secondly, the Pinbo Fair attracts a large number of professional visitors and specially invited buyers to meet the trade needs of exhibitors from different levels. The professional audiences of department stores, agents, franchisees and brand buyers gather in Shanghai to lay a good foundation for the development of the knitting industry in Shanghai. The launch of activities such as the fashion T-Taiwan show, new technology and new product recommendation meetings, trade procurement matchmaking fairs, and static fashion trend release have better integrated the insights and vision of the industry's pioneering figures in the development of the knitting industry.

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