I would like to introduce the relevant knowledge points of the comparison of the quilt, the cotton quilt, the wool quilt, the seven-hole quilt, and the nine-hole quilt.

Silk is VS down:

The duvet is known for its warmth, but the warmth of the silk quilt can be said to be comparable to that of a duvet, and the silk is not as cold as a down, quilt, etc. when falling asleep. Silk is also characterized by breathability, with the characteristics of "warm winter and cool summer", and it will not turn over and smash because of sultry heat, making people catch cold. When it is hot, it can discharge excess heat to keep the temperature inside the clothes comfortable.

In addition, the silk is purely natural. The silkworm baby will die immediately when it comes into contact with any pesticide. Therefore, the silk quilt made by the silk that he spits out can also become an absolute green product. The duvet is a bird such as chicken, duck or goose. Feathers are inevitably chemically treated to eliminate the relatively strong odor of poultry. Of course, chemical disinfectants should be used for deep disinfection because poultry usually carry many pathogenic viruses.

There should be a feeling through the down jacket, the down in the down jacket will run out, and the duvet should belong to durable goods, it is often used, permanent, the down in the duvet leaks, not only will lose the beauty of the quilt Clean and tidy, more importantly, a small floating down in the air can harm the body's respiratory system and affect people's sleep quality.

Silk is VS cotton:

First of all, the warmth of cotton can not be compared with silk. The same size of the quilt, the silk quilt is only about 1/2 of the cotton quilt, so compared with the silk quilt, the cotton quilt will appear very heavy, it will feel very stressed when sleeping, and the cotton quilt is not as good as the silk quilt. It is soft, so in terms of comfort, cotton can not be compared with down. In addition, cotton will release a lot of dust, which will harm the human respiratory tract and affect sleep. Silk is quilted by vs cotton, and its performance is obvious.

Silk is covered with VS cashmere and wool, cashmere and wool. It has better warmth and fit. One problem is still green. Silk is spit out from silkworms. Wool grows on sheep's skin, which is inevitable. As a result, there are many parasites in the wool, and since the high temperature treatment will destroy the protein structure of the wool, it has to be chemically treated. Coupled with his short fiber characteristics, in the long run, it may be harmful to the body, especially children and the elderly with low resistance.

The silk is covered by VS seven holes, and the nine holes are made of chemical fiber. Take a nine-hole cotton fiber 13000 times under the electron microscope, that is, when it is enlarged to the thick water pipe, we observe its cross-section and find that there are nine small holes in the fiber of the nine-hole cotton. Confucius is the highest level of cotton textile technology. The role of the small hole is to breathe. When the silk is enlarged to 15,000 times, it is found that there are numerous small holes in the silk fiber. There are up to nine venting holes in the man-made fiber, and there are countless small holes in the cut surface of the silk, which scientists can only hope for. This is the magical result of God’s creation, after thousands of years of evolution. . The hot air from the body is discharged to the outside of the body through the innumerable small holes. After the excess gas is discharged, people feel very breathable, leaving the gas in the pores to keep warm. This is the silk being compared. Other quilts are more ventilating and warmer. Therefore, the more pores, the better the warmth and breathability. Why do the baby cry, mostly because the quilt that the father and mother put on the baby is not thick enough, but because the quilt itself is not breathable, when it is hot to a certain extent, it cannot be adjusted in both directions, the baby feels very stuffy, wants to kick the quilt, but kicks and kicks When you are not moving, your baby will not talk and only cry. And you must have had a sweaty experience while sleeping, mostly because the quilt is too thick.

Nine-hole quilts and seven-hole quilts are all chemical fiber quilts. The weather is very dry in autumn and winter. When you go to sleep at night, especially when you take off your pants, you will find a flash. This is static electricity. In the chemical fiber is inside, the chemical fiber friction generates static electricity. You turn the quilt, kick the quilt, roll the quilt. At the time, there will be a lot of static electricity, but you can't feel it. The static electricity generated by the quilt absorbs your dander and dust. Over time, you and your lover spend one night after another in such a quilt. It's like sleeping in a big vacuum cleaner. But silk is not, silk is a protein fiber, friction will not produce static electricity, so those dust, dead skin is definitely not absorbed into it, as long as a gentle shake, all fall to the ground, so, silk It is the cleanest quilt. (Gu Menglai Home Textiles)

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