A woman's care for one's body should be as delicate and carefree as delicate flowers. If you do not attach importance to your body shape, sooner or later you will have to pay a few times more or even heavier than you can afford , Definitely not alarmist Oh, nowadays a lot of poor quality underwear on the market, has always endanger the health of female friends, choose to underwear from my start, do not be bound, quickly and Xiao Bian to see what underwear is worth buying it.


Underwear and shoes, the same is not suitable only to know, therefore, to understand clearly the size of their own chest and chest condition to prescribe the right medicine. If it is larger than the B cover and sagging women, you can choose this deep purple embroidered underwear, it is not only a good package for your plump chest, but also to your chest for massage and adjustment, reinforcement straps and sides The design of the recipient milk, are to help women keep the chest firm does not sag the root cause. This underwear fabric is also very comfortable and breathable, is one of the necessary mature intellectual woman Oh.

女人的胸部娇嫩如花 好好呵护从选对内衣开始

B cup below the small chest female do not worry, here is also prepared for you intimate comfortable underwear. Small chest show off the concept of sexy outdated, so choose a gray-blue and a little bit of sexy underwear is very suitable for sweet temperament and a little enchanting sister paper. Gray-blue and purple with the show a sense of the atmosphere is not too publicity, exquisite embroidery covered the chest, very pretty woman Oh.

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