When you are still immersed in mobile phone screen crazy spike, such a group of people have been going straight to the topic, crazy into the offline store big hi, do you want to know where this is? Do not worry, quickly follow Xiaobian to the scene to see it!


The first thing that catches the eye is the "snapped up" "10 yuan 2" and so on promotion words, take a look at the beauty of the hands they took to know that this is the shop the latest hottest new red underwear Oh feel touch, look at quality, Carelessly into the shopping bag, the sisters who look good grab master ah, (* ^ __ ^ *) hee hee ... ....

共祝双十一 天使丽人武汉江夏店开业大吉 生意红火

Yes, you have the wrong wood, this is grandmother with his grandchildren to visit the underwear shop, aunt indulge selfless selection of underwear, very lively ah, seem to have forgotten little boy a bit shy little face is What's going on Haha!

共祝双十一 天使丽人武汉江夏店开业大吉 生意红火

In this rare good day, Xiaobian certainly can not sell off, must be generous to send blessings yo. Warmly congratulate Angel Beauty Underwear Wuhan Jiangxia store opened, and I wish the business booming, performance steadily!

Angel beauty store opened, the new listing, from time to time concessions, there are the latest, fastest, best shopping experience, like the pro who absolutely do not miss oh! Angel Beauty lingerie shop, welcome your presence!

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