November 18, well-known lingerie brand boudoir secret Dazhou in Sichuan Province to celebrate the new store opening, I wish at this Florida Jiumei secret boudoir lingerie shop business is booming, extra cash.


Why is the jiu mei underwear shop, I believe must have aroused the curiosity of many people, the reason is actually very simple, is the name of the underwear shop owner called pan jiaomei, a very kind name. Jiu Mei in mid-October, in person to the headquarters of Shenzhen boudoir underwear conducted a field visit, accompanied by the boudoir staff, Jiu Mei in addition to the headquarters of the boudoir brand inspection, but also to the Dongguan Humen boudoir operation Center, boudoir secret underwear manufacturing plant were investigated through a series of personal perception, Jiumei to have a more detailed knowledge and understanding of the product, business model, boudoir secret policy of cooperation, but also strengthened her secret underwear for the boudoir Brand choice.


In coordination with the efforts of all sides, through a series of preparatory work, Jiumei secret boudoir lingerie shop on November 18 officially opened. Simple and elegant lingerie neatly and orderly discharge of various types of underwear products, including bras, underwear, home service, thermal underwear and other seasonal products are classified in the display shop. According to Jiumei introduction, the store's product display thanks to the supervisor with the boudoir store manager, I had no previous experience in shop, so I do not know about the product display there are so many doorways, whether it is color or style With, through this cooperation with the supervisor teacher, really learned from them a lot.


Also It is understood that the secret boudoir brand new spring and summer 2016 conference is about to be held on November 24, Dazhou lingerie store opening coincided with the new conference was held on the eve of the new store opening celebration will no doubt the success of the brand new conference Held up to play an exciting role.

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