Ben Wang March 30th, the retro wave of the 60s returned to the spring trend. Once sweet, Lolita's style is now classic retro. The black dots on the white background, the aloofness of the blue-white dots, the confidence of the white dots on the red background, and the glamour of the girls' all-characteristic charm are unreserved. Play a nostalgic trend in early spring!

Wave points to create party equipment

Brown polka-dot shirt is thick and nostalgic. With black mini chiffon skirt is pretty moving. Add hair accessories to set the girl passionate and charming. The face is delicate and charming!

Waves to create shopping clothes

Like the MM weekend shopping invitation, wearing a rustic but can be tens of thousands of dollars. The beautiful weather in the street in the spring weather can never be overdone! Wave Point Sweater is definitely comfortable enough enough fashion, dark blue suit Jacket thin effect is self-evident, lower body pants or skirts make you wild become pretty!

Wave Point Shirts Stylish OL Pack

Regardless of ribbons or cordial chiffon fabrics, the wave elements have become fashionable. The exquisite refinement of white-collar costumes, together with their own playfulness, has transformed women's glamour into a variety of styles. The lines of red dress trousers are clearly visible, and the color blocks show their charm in the interweaving of dotted lines. Wear masterpieces!

Wave Point Jacket Retro Avant Garment

Absolutely can not be vulgar! Is the driving force of many girls to pursue fashion Oh ~ put down deliberately and tender, let the avant-garde come naturally. 60s suit jacket, set off MM petite and lovely. The proportion of pink big bag responds to the jacket, the color brightens and blinks!

Wave Point Shirt Chiffon Skirt Makes Appointment

The woman must be gentler than the word "Miracle". In the days of spring appointments, there is no shortage of shirts or skirts! The girl is gentle and pleasant in the softness of the chiffon fabric, passing between the round waves and skirts. It's hard for men to be under a gown!
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