Warm congratulations Sidai Daisha Tim new store. Sri Lanka Daisy Guizhou Duyun store on June 18 grand opening! Launched during the major promotions, beauty ladies are waiting for what, quickly to buy it!


As a closely watched brand, Siddec has been adhering to the concept of "customer first", constantly improving itself, after a long period of market verification and repeated exploration, has been customers and consumers alike, growing into a distinctive Mature style of their own brand. With the rapid establishment of a good reputation and a complete sales channel, Sidi Sisha stands out in many womenswear brands , rapidly occupying a strong market share and laying a good foundation for the development of Sidai Daisha, More competitive.

Sri Lanka Sida Daisha adhering to the principle of mutual benefit and win-win principle, with a good corporate atmosphere and consistent style of integrity both inside and outside the company, Sida Da Sai team to work hard, try to communicate, to ensure that every one of Sri Lanka Daisy's end customers are assured , Peacefully with Sri Lanka Daisy common growth, common success!

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