The jade card is a more popular form of jade works. The earliest masters of jade making were the “Zi Gang” Pei created by the Suzhou jade carving master Lu Zigang during the Jiajing and Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty. He combines the art of calligraphy and painting with the technique of jade carving, which is expressed in the square inch, creating a new and elegant jade carving form of “Jade”.

At that time, the jade cards usually had both positive and negative sides. The poetry and paintings were full of meaning, and they were highly artistic and enjoyable. This is why the jade brand is widely welcomed by the literati. The modern production of jade cards, with the different audiences, aesthetic changes, jade cards have undergone great changes in form and content.

The shape of the jade card is generally rectangular, and also has a circular shape and an oval shape. The modern jade brand also has a kind of “follow-shaped card”. The jade brand is designed according to the shape of the cross-section of the raw material, combined with the theme to be created, and it is natural and natural. There are no rules for the size and specifications of the jade card. Cut through the size of the raw material.

The shape of the jade brand is varied, but the size is always limited. How to achieve a perfect artistic realm between squares, the choice of subject matter is very important.

There are literati jade cards based on Chinese paintings and calligraphy. These jade cards are often designed with flowers, birds, landscapes, and esoterics in accordance with the layout of traditional Chinese paintings.

There is a jade card that reflects the good fortune based on the theme of folk culture. These jade cards often express their thoughts with Fu, Lu, Shou and Xi. They have very strong national characteristics. The content is mainly auspicious blessings. Most of the subjects are composed of common folk things, such as "Shou Tao" and "Bat". ", "Gourd", "Copper Money", "Auspicious Cloud" and various animal images, through a combination to express a good wish, such subjects are agreed to become vulgar, are things that the common people like to see.

There are characters jade cards that reflect the theme of religion and deified characters. These jade cards are mainly composed of figures, including various bodhisattvas in Buddhism, gods in the deified legends, and representatives of Confucianism and Taoism. They are presented in the composition of the picture according to the emotions to be expressed by the characters or charitable, or solemn, Or an elegant, or solemn atmosphere.

There is also a work that reflects the cultural allusions, rituals, and poetry as the source of creation. The design ideas in the jade carving works are all carried out on the jade by carving. Although the jade brand is the art between square inches, its There are many kinds of carving techniques, from the inscriptions, the inscriptions, the bas-reliefs, the high reliefs, the openwork, the round sculptures, the use of pretty colors, and the inlays of gold and silver. In a jade brand work, two or three techniques are often used. Such works are rich in layers and artistically appealing.

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