What is the trend, what is fashion, fashion is not to follow suit, but to fashion irreplaceable, day beautiful women dress skirt style, thick legs, girls do not wear pants so more leg, should wear a short skirt , But also a puffed umbrella skirt, it will look thin Oh, take a look at it.

A lot of girls will think that wearing skirts will show leg thick, but in fact, easy to wear fat pants, oh, this skirt card U you are, the color of the bird decorated so that the whole body is very energetic, Punta umbrella skirt skirt, so you can Masked lively thighs, so fashion came quietly, so that little thick legs instantly disappear.

【套装】套裙搭配 夏季流行什么套装款式 腿粗穿什么好

Blue wave point style collocation, sapphire blue is the color of dark lines, this skirt style, white dotted dotted youthful, white doll collar embellishment more fresh feeling, shirt and skirt fusion is like a dress Summer is definitely good looking.

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