Blue and white stripes brimming with the ocean wind, not only an indispensable summer popular single product, but also because of its wild, with seasonal and become a treasure, you will see, from the summer dress, T-shirt, to Autumn long-sleeved T-shirt, tide people have been on the blue and white stripes to maintain a high degree of enthusiasm.

Ocean winds seem to have been repeatedly reflected in the trend of the front line, many people have not let go of the maritime plot.

Blue and white striped dress with high-heeled sandals cool white sandals, very coordinated LOOK

Dress: Blue and white striped bird flowers

Striped shirt, with white hot pants, flashing the agility of the sea

Shirt: Blue and white stripe bird flowers

Shorts: beige / blue

Ocean 海洋风  ik 2014夏季蓝白条纹单品

Lady's Short

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