In July and August, the hottest weather, no trace of the wind, thick air seems to be clinging, so in this season for its pursuit of fashion girls, what to wear more stylish and cool comfort? Sleeveless dress is not to be missed choice, in addition to its stylish look, but more importantly, can also help you cool down, wear more comfortable, but also to be able to liberate the arm, looks more slender. Xiaobian today for everyone to recommend two stylish sleeveless dress, make you more comfortable to spend this summer.


Eye-catching lemon yellow dress, very vibrant sense of summer, coupled with the classic sleeveless models, wear more cool. Curved collar cut, with lace embellishment, as well as the high waist Slim design, showing a slim waistline, piercing the Mature, with a pair of white fish head high heels, it is sweet and fantastic.


Pieces of red sleeveless dress, high waist Slim models, coupled with the stitching of the root yarn skirt, appears slender limbs, very slim waist, the whole person looks particularly lightweight and beautiful. Coupled with a pair of light purple high heels, simple and elegant, ideal for light summer Mature women wearing.

Source: Still show women


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