With the growing industrial packaging industry, there are a wide variety of packaging tapes on the market today, and the raw materials used for different types of packaging tapes are also different. As far as the widely used PP strapping tapes on the market are concerned, it is made from recycled materials and other materials, and its bearing capacity and appearance have been clearly superior to ordinary strapping tapes.
Pure material packing belt Nowadays, the domestic packaging industry has also developed rapidly. In the past, people only paid attention to the price of packaging materials. Now we not only care about the price of the product, but also care about its quality!
As we all know, the raw material used in PP strapping is PP material, which is extracted from oil. Affected by the fluctuation of global oil prices, the purity of the raw materials used in the production of packing belts is gradually reduced, and the quality of packing materials mixed with impurities will be greatly reduced. In response to the temptation of interests, the packaging market is full of cohabitation, and the quality is not poor. Qi's packing belt also caused certain pollution and damage to our environment!
Relatively speaking, the use of pure raw materials produced by the packing belt not only looks bright and beautiful, but also lighter, can withstand the heavier objects pull. Good raw material packing belt has superiority of other types of packing belts in terms of appearance, performance and environmental protection! Therefore, the purer the raw materials used in packing, the better the quality will be!
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PVC Yoga Mats

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PVC yoga mat, Yoga & Pilate
173cm / 183cm
PVC, Eco-friendly PVC
4m,5mm,6mm or custom
61cm * 173cm,183 * 61cm
as your requests
Portable,non-slip,soft,high density
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Eco-friendly non-slip soft Purple 4mm,5mm,6mm printed yoga mat

Gym Mat

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Supply AbilityPiece/Pieces per Month Eco-friendly non-slip soft Purple 4mm,5mm,6mm printed yoga mat
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Packaging Detailsa paperbelt then heat shrinkagePortSHENZHEN

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